Honors & Certificates

Famous enterprises, famous brand in China's building materials industry (Awarded by the Ministry of construction of China)

China top ten brand of curtain wall industry (Awarded by National Institute of building materials standardization).

Famous brand of China aluminum plastic panel (Awarded by China Construction Industry Association aluminum plastic composite branch)

Advanced enterprise to safeguard consumer rights and interests (Awarded by Jiangxi Consumers Association)

Olympic building materials recommendation certificate (Editorial board of the Olympic construction engineering materials and equipment)

Top ten brands of curtain wall materials in China's building materials market(Awarded by China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association, China business card promotion association).

Reliable and reliable building materials (Awarded by China Building Materials Circulation Association )

China's famous brand of building decoration materials (Awarded by China Building Decoration Association).

China's outstanding private science & technology enterprises (China private science and Technology Promotion Association)

China Construction Application Innovation Award (Awarded by China Construction Association and National Exhibition Center for building materials)